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Craft Space is a meeting place for those who wish to lead a more creative lifestyle, meet other people and get inspired to try new crafts.

We offer a fast lane to creativity by showing you the tools to create amazing individual pieces to be proud of. Our goal is to fuel your creativity through learning new techniques, getting messy and meeting other creative crafters and makers. Join us online and share your latest project or attend our fun and friendly events. We welcome everyone to our vibrant community where we learn together, promote artistic expression and share inspiration.

– So why not join us as we relax, get creative and have fun!

Craft Space (earlier The Craft Lab) a registered company and have hosted creative events in Stockholm since 2013

About Ann-Charlotte

Ann-Charlotte lives in a small yellow house on 50 square metres in a suburb to Stockholm together with her partner and five year old daughter, Nancy.

My story – Why Craft Space

Since I was a kid I always loved being creative. I started with pottery at the age of 9 and I remember borrowing dads tools and building a time machine with a friend. In my teens I had friends that like me, liked crafts. We used to get together and craft, often making badges for numerous scout hikes.

During the years I been attending numerous courses in all kinds of crafts as well as experimenting at home.

When I decided to start freelancing I also had the idea of leading a more creative life. And then I met Stina. And it was a match! I loved the Craft Lab idea but was ready to take it further. To expand and be able to inspire more people to bring more creativity into the world.

Where do you hope to go next with Craft Space? What will it look like ten years from now?

In ten years we will lead more creative lifes and inspire more people to do the same. We will be working for all kinds of companies and inspire their employees and customers. Our workshop will quickly be fully booked and we will offer workshops of crafts worldwide. World domination.

5 fun facts about me

  • I love trying new things. My mission is to not die curious.
  • I love to use black permanent markers. If I could I would buy new ones every week.
  • I know how to put up a windshield.
  • I can´t live without my phone, coffee, and candy.
  • I want to learn tech crafts.

Ann-Charlotte about Stina

“Stina is a creative soul, always making and creating. She fun to hang out with and you will always have new ideas and inspiration when you go home.”


About Stina

I live with my soon-to-be husband Niklas and our 2-year-old daughter Maja in Aspudden, Stockholm. Our open plan once “dinky” flat is now inhabited with play tents, toys and stuff everywhere. I enjoy decorating with my own art projects so here and there you can find random sculptures, paintings, and textile projects.

My story – Why Craft Space

I lacked a creative hang out for adults and I wasn’t to keen go on traditional art-classes as I didn’t really find anything that suited me. I missed a craft tribe and needed an outlet to connect with others so I started a group and people of international background living in Stockholm attended our meetups.

The ambition has always been to create an arena for crafts and creativity and with small steps, we have gotten to where we are today. I´m so grateful that I met most of my friends through Craft Space. The power of crafting together is so strong.

Where do you hope to go next with Craft Space? What will it look like ten years from now?

At this point, we have so many ideas of our next step, but I would say that I wish to be part of an even bigger craft community, that our offer is even more exciting and that we have long-term partners that enjoy working with us.

5 fun facts about me

  • I prefer open process crafts since I find it hard to follow instructions, it just doesn’t suit me.
  • I have a special box of my treasured papers that I pull out now and again to look at.
  • My craft stash is huge. Oops!
  • I have a great facination for trees, bark, and roots.
  • I make a mean hummus!

Stina about Ann-Charlotte

“First of all, Ann-Charlotte is a “yes-woman”. She is a positive, humble and inclusive soul. She is open-minded and enjoys learning new things. (And she loves paperwork and banking) That’s a perfect match!”