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3 reasons why I create my own traditions, and why you should too

Published June 19, 2017, by Stina Axelson

Summer Solstice or “Midsommar” is coming up and it is the time of the year when the sun is at its highest point and It is the longest day of the year. To be honest, I have no idea why we celebrate this holiday. Of course, I have some vague recollection of Midsommar being a pagan tradition, but mostly us swedes focus on dancing around a maypole, eating herring and drinking schnapps.

3 reasons why create my own traditions, and why you should too.

To celebrate what really matters in life.

Some traditions are the same around the world, like Christmas while others are family-specific, like my mother’s meatballs on Christmas. It is often these small traditions that create happy and lasting memories, holding a special place in our life as we grow older.

To create a lasting memory with family and friends.

Having recently become a mother and feeling blessed in so many ways, I want to take the opportunity to create a few new family traditions. I want to take a time out and remember the ones that can´t be with us anymore.

To pause and reflect

I want to celebrate a new life. I want to be grateful for what I have and somehow manifest this in a mindful action of some sort. It is time to reclaim our traditions and to make new ones.

Here are a few ideas for new Midsummer traditions that I´m thinking of trying this year

Work on a UFO (unfinished object)

Midsummer is a time to power-up what has already been initiated and prepare for the rest of the year. Home projects like clearing out my craft storage or finalizing that sewing project can become a symbolic ritual.

Make a ribbon spell

Why not do a version of prayer flags. Write intentions on ribbons and tie them to a tree and letting them be released by the wind to the universe.

Light a candle

State a wish and surround it with the flowers of the season in bright shades like dandelions, daisies, and poppies.

Make a vision board

Use a simple theme like “joy” to illustrate what I would like to manifest in my life.

By creating my own rituals instead of focusing on commercialized holiday I will live in the moment and enjoy something that I have created. It doesn’t really matter if my new tradition will involve playing board games or something simple like taking a midnight stroll, I will treasure it, enjoy it and talk about it.

I will tell my family how much I enjoy these traditions, and I want to create new ones as my family grows. I want to share the memories with the people I love the most.


Do you have a tradition to share? Maybe a great cake recipe or something crafty?

Love Stina

Stina Axelson

Stina Axelson

Always making and creating and fun to hang out with. She finds it hard to follow instructions and keeps a box of treasured papers.