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A colourful bag

Published July 30, 2017, by Ann-Charlotte Geissler

I really love to work with bold bright colours. I almost never choose soft pastels. My wallpapers at home are pink and red, green and yellow or Josef Frank flowers in red, green, blue and yellow. I like to put on bright green or blue sweaters with my black skirt. I let my daughter choose her own clothes. She more than once showed up at the preschool in a red top with orange dots and Pippi Longstocking, blue pants with stripes in different colours and purple socks. I really like that. A beautiful pattern and colour mix!

I decided to paint a bag I bought at second hand. I really liked the handle of this bag and It reminded me of a vintage bag. This one is much more recent and from H&M. The fabric had some stains and the white wasn´t that bright anymore.

One of my absolute favorite colours is turquoise. Which is what I decided to do here: turquoise, black, and white. I decided to mix a light blue and grey as well. I used ordinary fabric colours that you can buy in any craft store.

I really like the result of this bag. It is whimsical and colorful. And it´s going well with my wardrobe: turquoise is always nice with jeans blue, so it will go well with my jeans jacket. Or lavender as in this picture of me at the country house.

See you out there! /Ann-Charlotte

Ann-Charlotte Geissler

Ann-Charlotte Geissler

An openminded “yes-woman”  who enjoys learning new things. Her mission is not to die curious, and she want's to learn tech-crafts.