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Dirty Pour

Published July 30, 2017, by Stina Axelson

One of the things I like to do the most to relax is to get messy with paints. Either using brushes or my hands, but most of all I like to just pour, drip and trying out different colour combinations.



You have probably seen all the rage of liquid painting and fluid art, but the one thing that was new to me was the concept of ”dirty pours”. I just love the sound of that, it should be a cocktail name.

Essentially what you do, is to add the paints in a cup, layering the paints with different densities. You can either dilute the paints with water or silicone which also creates cells, or thicken it using a bit of gesso.


Start with the heaviest in the bottom and the thinnest on top, and then just empty the cup over the surface.

To get the right flow I use Liquitex pouring medium. It is a really lovely medium to use but if you use it on a thin surface, for example, a light wood panel the surface pulls and gets wobbly when it dries.


Something I have an excess of is terrible vinyl records, some even too terrible to go on my guilty pleasures list. Why not try pouring on vinyl! There was a time in my life when I listened to Kylie (to my defense I think I was 10) Sorry Kylie you didn’t cut it this time, you are better of covered in paint. Oops!



To commemorate her I thought it could be a good idea to name the final piece from one of her songs, so I made a list of a few to choose from, which one is do you think is suitable?

  1. Dangerous Overture
  2. Disco Down
  3. I Should Be So Lucky
  4. Keep on Pumpin’ It
  5. More More More
  6. Slow Motion
  7. Spinning Around
  8. Where Is the Feeling?
  9. You Make Me Feel



Vinyl records turned out to be a great surface to pour on. It´s a flexible material, it didn’t get wobbly when it dried. It cuts easy, just use a mat knife, and the possibilities are endless.



Here is another project I made using the technique. To get the nice finish I also added a layer of resin. (By the way, the table is up for grabs if you like it! Just add a comment if you are interested)

The plan is to turn the records into a handbag, I also thought of making a clock or a necklace. Any other ideas what I could make using the painted records?

Love Stina

Stina Axelson

Stina Axelson

Always making and creating and fun to hang out with. She finds it hard to follow instructions and keeps a box of treasured papers.