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Do it for the process

Published October 4, 2016, by Stina Axelson

We are all born creative explorers. We painted, sang, invented and experimented in our childhood. Most of us stopped our creative play sometime in our teens, and tapping into this creativity get harder and harder. Once we do set aside time for creativity we are driven by the result and not the actual process to create.

Do you get upset when the result doesn’t come out the way you wanted?

When you craft, you use a guide or tutorial to replicate something that is all ready made up. Process Art is the total opposite to craft. In a time where most people struggle to be in the present, using your valuable time for nurturing a creative expression is essential.

Process art is not at all a new approach to making art. The contemporary artistic movement arose in the 1960´s and 70´s with artists such as Jackson Pollock. It has since then been a definition to describe an approach to making art.

Characteristics of process art

  • There are no guides, tutorials or samples
  • There is no right or wrong way
  • Focused on the experience and on exploration
  • The experience is relaxing or calming

Everyone is an artist

The Craft Lab was invited to our friends KONSTilleri to host a workshop at their one year anniversary. To test out the approach of Process Art we created a “Colour Lab”. We covered a room in paper, installed blacklight (UV Light) and added an assortment of different exciting tools. We encouraged the guests to join in on the experimentation and some good ol´art making fun. This is what one of the guests had do say about the Colour Lab:

“A lovely color experience! Imagine being able to create a colour explosion in an entire room without any limits. To freely create and be inspired is something everyone should try out. Thank you for the wonderful experience!” – Jorvi Bernal

Whether or not you see yourself as an artist, you have a creative side in there, just waiting to elevate. To create a Colour Lab yourself, here are few ideas  to get you going:

  • Use a a variety of paints and paintbrushes
  • Use unusual tools like toothbrushes, paint rollers, potato mashers
  • Printing and stamping (potatoes, sponges etc)
  • Collage using paper, glue, paste, glue sticks, scissors, and recycled materials

Tips for process-focused art experience

  1. Use a variety of materials and see what happens
  2. Have plenty of time & come and go as you please
  3. Notice and comment on what you see: “The purple paint is feeling amazing”
  4. Say YES if you have an idea you want to try “I wonder what happens if…”
  5. Offer new and interesting materials
  6. Play music

It´s all about the journey! Focus on the process not the result. It’s all about exploration, experimentation, and having fun. There is no right or wrong way and always say YES.

Hope you enjoyed reading about process art.

Love Stina – Craft Space

Stina Axelson

Stina Axelson

Always making and creating and fun to hang out with. She finds it hard to follow instructions and keeps a box of treasured papers.