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Inspiration – Botany

Published March 1, 2016, by Stina Axelson

Are you tired of seeing the dull and grey winter landscape with its bare trees and lifeless brown leaves covering the ground? It’s been a long grey winter in Sweden and spring is just around the corner, but there are still a few months before you can enjoy a “fika” outdoors.

If you are like me and can’t wait for spring and warm weather, why not create a botanical oasis indoors instead? Spring is the time when we usually need something to brighten up our home and our interior design, so get that indoor garden ready or why not make some nice bright paper flowers and surprise a dear friend. If you are longing for green foliage and flowers and want to kick start spring, join in on the creative challenge this month.


  1. Crochet plant holder
  2. Hammered flower and leaf print
  3. Bloktagon vase
  4. Stamp using fruit & veg
  5. Water Colour paper flowers
  6. Air plant hanger
  7. Knitted cactus
  8. Handcarved stamp
  9. Air plant bowl
  10. DIY Copper PVC Wall Planter

We have gathered a good selection of creative project ideas for you to try on Pinterest. If you would like to contribute to this board, you can follow the board, follow Craftspacesthlm or leave a comment on one of the board’s pins asking to be added. The more pinners the more fun, right!

What’s your favourite thing about spring?

Love Stina

Stina Axelson

Stina Axelson

Always making and creating and fun to hang out with. She finds it hard to follow instructions and keeps a box of treasured papers.