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Meet the maker – Fae da Tay Dreamcrafts

Published August 3, 2016, by Stina Axelson

Craft Space meets with Hayley Artman of Fae da Tay Dreamcrafts, to talk about the art of making and about following your creative path.

Hayley got into making dreamcatchers while fruit picking out in New Zealand. Staying in lots of temporary accommodation often the only space that was hers was a bed and it became a way to have a little piece of personal protected space.

Since then, she hasn’t stopped making dreamcatchers, playing with different objects founds while out in nature. Most of them were given to friends in the beginning, as the act of making them was a such a great meditation.


The name Fae da Tay comes directly from Hayley’s Scottish roots. Fae, meaning “from” or “fairy folk” in the Scottish language, da meaning “the” and Tay, relates to Loch Tay, an expanse of water in the highlands of Scotland. She has been collecting items mostly near this Loch but also further along the of the River Tay, so it seemed a fitting name for the location inspired the project.

 The dreamcatchers have wide appeal and are a great way for people to access her other works. They are fun to make and can be completed quicker than the larger projects, the process of which can be very intense and can take weeks to complete. Sometimes it can be a dark feeling that prompts her to focus on a piece to helping ease mind, heart and spirit. The work can be very healing in it’s the process.

Building a craft business with her creations is not something Hayley had given much thought to. She was self-employed making bread three years ago and found it wasn’t really profitable and the work quite stressful overall.

Prompted by a friend to try doing something she loves doing instead Hayley realized that her creative projects were a great source of soul nourishment as well as a better source of income (no waste!). Even though it felt weird to charge money for something she enjoys doing, it also made perfect sense to follow this path.



Hayley describes her direction as holistic where everything is connected, much like the pieces she weaves, and feels this is actually how human beings are too. “Our current western system tries to separate and specialize everything but really nothing is truly disconnected from the whole. As small or large as an act you carry out I see it having an effect on everything. “

Hayley views each dreamcatcher as a small spiritual journey. The inspiration or theme behind each piece comes to her while out on her walks – when she finds an object like a natural sculpted driftwood, a feather or some stones, she can sometimes instantly feel what it should be used for. In other instances, she will be feeling a certain way and the objects appear to have been placed in her path to give her a message or an answer. With personalized pieces, she uses the vision brought to her by the person commissioning the work and often has the experience of items she had previously gathered suddenly revealing their form and purpose in surprising and uncanny ways.



Integrity is important to Hayley, even when she feels that some people judge what she makes as a bit daft or going nowhere, “I hold my course as I know its value and intention and most importantly I have seen it evolving organically quickly which for me means it’s going in the right direction. “

“There is something so magical about each one, it always surprises me who selects which ones”

“There is something so magical about each one, it always surprises me who selects which ones, and It brings a wonderful sense of joy knowing I’ve created a little world of natural beauty that they take into their personal dream space. They have even been known to have creative side effects on people too. Folk reporting back, they have taken to making little artworks with things they find out in nature.“

Thank you Hayley for this interview. Make sure you check out her work at Fae da Tay Dreamcrafts

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Hugs Stina

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Stina Axelson

Stina Axelson

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