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Meet the maker – Kinga Kremer

Published July 19, 2017, by Stina Axelson

How come you started the brand “keramihacker”, what’s the story behind?

My name is Kinga Kremer. I am part-owner of a beautiful ceramic studio in Södermalm, Stockholm. I have a degree in International Relations and Marketing Communications and none in ceramics, however, I have a curious mind that pushes me to non-stop learning, researching and experimenting with and about clay.

Photo by Kinga Kremer
Photo by Kinga Kremer

I like to call myself a “keramihacker” instead of a ceramic artist. I met clay a year ago and we have been inseparable ever since. I have learned everything I know about ceramics from the Internet, books, through experimenting and making lots of mistakes. I have not really used any other craft medium before and have never been good with my hands.

Meet the maker_kinga kremer_1
Photo by Kinga Kremer

I started this journey right after the opening of our studio (31 March 2016) and have been a curious student ever since.

I have no previous experience with ceramics; I just woke up one day feeling I wanted to have a ceramics studio.

Crazy, I know. I visualised every detail of it including my business partner who I would share the space with. Everyone and everything came together in less than 6 months – the way I imagined.

Meet the maker_kinga kremer_3
Photo by Kinga Kremer

By the end of 2016, I had a collection of plates and serving platters that proved to be a quick sellout. After completing an order of almost 90 items for Stockholm trendiest and most popular vegan cafe (Mahalo Hälsocafet) by early 2017 I knew I found something I truly loved doing.

Hälsocafet´s crowd started to find me and I (not so) slowly figured out that this was the crowd I wanted to have my brand talking to. People who care about what they eat, who are against violence, who have a true passion for loving life and every living being around them.

They have been so inspiring to me that in couple of months I found myself on the road of becoming a vegetarian which I clearly never contemplated before.

These people, their lifestyle have truly been inspirational to me and so have been my plates to them – they say. My ceramics are however not targeting only the above crowd.

I have made plates with other strong statements, such as “FCK CANCER” and “The more I eat, the better I look”. Basically, I like to inspire people through the surface that is right in their face, several times a day: their plate! 🙂

My tableware is basically the fortune cookie of your breakfast/lunch or dinner. It will surprise you with a secret message that will only reveal itself after you finished eating. It is better than dessert.

Meet the maker_kinga kremer_4
Photo by Kinga Kremer

How do you get in the right ”creative mode” – what does your happy place look like?

My happy place and craft space is my ceramic studio in Södermalm. The moment I step into that space I get into a creative mode. Anyone who ever stepped in said the same 🙂 It is extremely inspiring and relaxing and has an interesting (hi)story.

Whenever I work with clay I use every available space around me, which is at least 2 tables and all empty shelves so I prefer to be in the studio alone whenever I work. However, I do not always feel like “working”.

There are days when I want to dig into clay and get my hands dirty, there are days when I only feel like glazing and there are those days when I just want to re-organize things on the shelf of our store or clean the studio.

I also realised that if I am in a bad mood or in a hurry, clay will not behave well with me either. It will collapse or crack or just simply not let me shape it the way I want.

If I would like to get going with my creativity, what’s your advice?

You either feel the urge to create something or you do not. Just do how you feel inside. Do not look for obstacles such as lack of time, lack of space, lack of money. These are never real obstacles if you have a real inner urge to create.

Meet the maker_kinga kremer_5
Photo by Kinga Kremer

What do you have planned for the future?

With ceramics, you always have to be a couple of months ahead of yourself, because everything takes sooo much time from an idea to realization. Months can be spent on just testing new clay bodies or new glazes and how compatible they are.

Once you have the clay, the glaze, the whole design ready and well tested it also takes 1 month to create something. Right now, apart from testing new materials and working on my next collection (which I have been doing for 4-5 months now), I am also preparing for Vegovision which will take place in Stockholm in November. I would like to launch a part of the new collection there. I will also soon work on a new order for Mahalo and from September I need to start preparing for the Christmas markets too.

Thank you, Kinga for this interview, and good luck on all your future endeavors. Make sure to check out more of her work here:

// Stina – Craft Space

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