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Repurpose jeans into an apron

Published June 9, 2017, by Ann-Charlotte Geissler

I´ve seen these jeans apron floating around on Pinterest and Instagram. And I really wanted one for myself.

When using jeans you get some ready-to-use features like pockets. So when Stina said, let´s do a workshop with jeans, I jumped up and down with excitement.

And the best part, she has a sewing machine. I couldn´t imagine sewing an apron by hand. Yeah, I don´t own a sewing machine. And the one I use if I sew, it´s my mothers from the 60s. Sturdy but old. It turned out a sewing machine now and from the 60s aren´t that different.

I did this adjustable apron in a lab kind of way. Decided to free base using an apron I already have rather then sew from a pattern. The only thing I knew was that I wanted pockets along the waist line for all my crafting tools.

Step 1: Cutting and piecing together

I started with cutting a pair of jeans at the front and laid it out in the middle of the model apron. Then I just took different pieces of fabric and put together until I had a piece of fabric as long and wide as my model apron. Sew it together!

Step 2: Shape

I put the model apron over my piece of fabric and draw the top of the jeans fabric. Now I had a piece of fabric in the shape of an apron. Time to sew the hems. See picture below. I started with the hems no 1 to 4.

Step 3: String

For the channel I used another fabric, an old shirt. The picture below shows the model apron.

As you can see, there is an extra piece of fabric for the channel. You sew the hem, 5 and 6, at the same time as you sew the fabric that creates the channel. And last you 7 and 8 which creates the channel. I did mine 5 cm wide.


In my model apron there is 3 metres of string. Then you can comfortably put it over your head, without messing up your hair, and then adjust as you like.

I love how it turned out! My apron is a whimsical patchwork. I didn´t want it to be perfect in any way. And if you look at the pictures I think you can see that the bottom hem isn´t straight. I used a piece of a leg and used the side hem as the bottom hem. Those aren´t totally straight on used jeans.

I´m looking forward to use it as my crafting apron so I imagine I will have glue, acrylics and other things on it in seconds. I´m a messy crafter.

I do want to decorate it in some way, maybe embroidery, patchwork with other fabrics or another pocket. But I´m saving it for a rainy day.

Level of skills

It was a medium difficult project. It took some thinking to get all the pieces of fabric in place and to figure out how to do the channel. But then I´m not an experienced seamstress. I put around 6 hours work on this project.

Do you use an apron when crafting?

I think it is a genius garment that I never regret wearing. But I tend to drop things, splatter or drip whatever I do. If you get inspired and make one, please tag us #thecraftlabstockholm

// Ann-Charlotte

Ann-Charlotte Geissler

Ann-Charlotte Geissler

An openminded “yes-woman”  who enjoys learning new things. Her mission is not to die curious, and she want's to learn tech-crafts.