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Christmas Craft Along

15/12/2018 2:00 pm 25 people limit

Join us for a Christmas Craft Along! At this free of charge event, you can join in on our workshops or work on your own projects. We will start at 14.00 and go on until late. Yeay! (*i.e bring out the cocktails!)

We will have a few small mini workshops set up for you to try, a selection of craft materials, some lovely good ol’ Christmas tunes, and a great crafty atmosphere.

Coming up with the perfect holiday gifts for the folks on your list doesn’t have to mean shop ’til you drop. Instead of your (possibly-almost-maxed-out) credit cards, you can rely on your own two hands to create easy, inexpensive gifts and ornaments during our Christmas Craft Along.

Let’s meet up and create together. Bring your own creative projects to work on and something delicious and yummy to share, and let’s create side by side. With something in your hands, conversations will flow easily. We believe it will be magical, that we can be inspired and learn from each other.

Christmas Craft Along is organized by Pysselbolaget, Created by Malin, Pysselliv and Craft Space.

Workshops include:

DIY Screen print

In this taster workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience the amazing art form of printing and surface pattern design. With the help of pre-cut freezer paper, we will show you how to make super cute Christmas ornaments.

You will be provided a couple of pieces of fabric and once finished, your creations can be used to make funky Christmas decorations or whatever you choose. You will also get the opportunity to buy a canvas tote bag to put your design onto.

Pompom making

Making pompoms is great fun and they are perfect to make beautiful decorations.

You will start with learning how to make one pompom from yarn provided. Once you have got the hang of it you can go on and make a few more, which you can later decide to combine into a wreath, garland or amazing Christmas tree ornaments.

Sewing decorations

Want to make your own Christmas keepsake? You will learn how to use soluble fabric to make little cute decorations to use on your stockings or cards.

And, one last thing – Remember to sign up for the event.

Even if it’s free, we need you to sign up for planning purposes.

Link to sign up

Workshop Leaders

Ann-Charlotte Geissler

An openminded “yes-woman”  who enjoys learning new things. Her mission is not to die curious, and she want's to learn tech-crafts.

Stina Axelson

Always making and creating and fun to hang out with. She finds it hard to follow instructions and keeps a box of treasured papers.

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