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Custom events

If you are reading this you are probably as tired of bowling and “femkamp” as we are. How many times have you not been bowling with colleagues or playing boule with suppliers or customers? At Craft Space, you are guaranteed to get an outlet for your creativity and get your hands on different materials and techniques. We are absolutely convinced that there is an artist within us all.

Craft Space caters to everyone regardless of background and artistic talent and it’s a chat-friendly and inspiring way to hang out. It doesn’t matter if you make a mess or drop paint on the floor. We guarantee a memorable time, far from sports and other boring traditional events.

Get inspired

Bring your workgroup and get inspired for upcoming projects, collections or product launches. Choose a theme, company values, goals or anything else that defines your business. Explore and visualize using one or more craft technicians.  Or why not try our Mystery challenge where we begin with a few different exercises to kick-start the event, and after that, we will guide to create a unique piece to be proud of. Our space is located at Open Lab where we can access meeting rooms for up to 70 participants, so why not host your entire meeting with us. We also have a great restaurant in the building so if you want catering we can arrange that also.

Sounds like fun? Here are a few more ideas for your event

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