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Artist for a day

Meetings and conferences focus on how you will improve your company. But our brain isn’t made for just thinking of one thing all day. You need a break. But not just any break. You need a break that will rest your brain and let it come back even more creative.

That’s why we recommend that you try Artist for a day. Under a few hours you will work with your hands and your eyes will get maximum colour input. To do something monotonous with your hands, like moving your brush back and forth on a paper, let you mind wander freely. Making with you hands decreases your stress levels and increases your learning capacity. Who knows what new and exciting ideas that will come up? Maybe something to continue working with when your meeting continues.

Everyone can paint

To try out different painting techniques and painting can be both exhilarating and scary. That’s where Craft Space has it’s expert knowledge!

The workshop will start with a few fun and quick exercises where you’ll try a few different techniques like paint, print, cut and paste and the result will be lovely abstract art pieces.

The workshop will be a memorable experience where the creative impulses and energy flows, not your ordinary workday.


Duration: 2 hours.

Material: paper, pen, acrylic paint, brushes.

Mess factor: 3 out of 5.

Est. cost: 350 SEK per person excl. VAT. Min. 10 people. Venue and travels ar not included.

For more information:

Contact us at or Or call Ann-Charlotte at +46 708 980509.