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How many times have you been to an after-work that ends with you talking to “the same old” colleagues and friends? Crafterwork is an opportunity to create and be creative together while you mingle. Creating together is an exciting icebreaker where new conversations are guaranteed to emerge. To meet and craft outside one’s usual comfort zone often leads to the unexpected.

You can choose between different stations with prepared projects to try out, or choose a theme that everyone creates based on, for example, spring, flowers or painting abstract as in the Artist for a Day workshop.

Crafterwork requires no prior knowledge and anyone can participate regardless of creative background. We from Craft Space are on-site to demonstrate and guide.

There is nothing better than a room full of creativity and creativity! If you think it sounds exciting, hear from us and we’ll tell you more.

For more information:

Contact us at or Or call Ann-Charlotte at +46 708 980509.