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Portraits two ways

To paint a portrait is one of the hardest things you can do, but who says it needs to photographic or even remotely look like the person you depicts? Craft Space has a much easier and fun method that suits everybody regardless of background and qualifications. This workshop focuses on how it feels, not so much about technique. To connect in the unpredictable and unknown is a given success in a group.

Part 1: Make a portrait of the person sitting in front of you. Oh we forgot to tell you, the pen can’t leave the paper while you paint! Then we  colour the portraits with dry pastels on the black paper which gives the colours a lovely depth.

Part 2: When the portrait is done we use the painting as model for a wire portrait.


Duration: 1-1,5 hours

Material: paper, pens, dry pastels, wire.

Mess factor: 1 out of 5.

Est. cost: 250 SEK per person exkl VAT. Min. 10 people. Venue and travels ar not included.

For more information:

Contact us at or Or call Ann-Charlotte at +46 708 980509.