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Meet the maker – Kreativa Karin

Published April 12, 2019, by Ann-Charlotte Geissler

Swedens queen of kawaii, Kreativa Karin, makes cute colorful crafts. Karin is known for her pastel color palette and her way of making everything cute. She definitely makes the world a prettier place. We are suckers for her creations and wanted to know what inspires her and if she has any tips to share. Here is our […]

Free bunny boxes printable

Published April 4, 2019, by Ann-Charlotte Geissler

We love to create Easter decorations and this year we wanted to try something new instead of easter eggs. Cute little bunny boxes perfect to fill with sweets or something cute and precious. Surprise a friend or use them as table decorations at your Easter party. The only thing you need is our template to get started. We really think […]

Free paper feathers for Easter

Published March 26, 2019, by Ann-Charlotte Geissler

Do you have Easter traditions? Or do you change every year? One thing that I think is really cute, but don’t do anymore since my partner is allergic, is bringing in twigs of birch to decorate. But this year I have a bouquet of birch twigs at the studio. I wanted to make some new decorations […]

Meet the maker – Katia Colt

Published March 20, 2019, by Ann-Charlotte Geissler

Ceramics is a fascinating field. To be a craftsman in ceramics takes time, effort and patience and it’s one of those crafts where you must wait quite a long time to see the result.  Katia Colt wants to “convey the roots of the Swedish traditional craftsmanship”, and we met up with the maker Katia Colt […]