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Private craft functions

Do you want to do something different and get creative with your friends? Are you organizing a hen party? Look no further. To get together and try a crafting technique is a great way to get good conversations and a big laugh.

To do something completely unexpected will definitely strengthen the relationship with your family and friends. Be an artist for a day and get to know new sides of each other.

At our space, you can try out different techniques such as the Japanese tye-dye technique shibori, paper crafting or why not get your hands on our 3D printer. We have all the knowledge and tools to kick-start your creativity.

Rooms up to 70 participants

Our space is located at Open Lab where we can access meeting rooms for up to 70 participants, so why not host your entire event with us. We also have a great restaurant in the building so if you want catering we can arrange that also.

Sounds like fun? Here are a few more ideas for your event

  • “Sip and paint”
  • Dirty Pour – Abstract Art
  • Paper printing
  • Textile printing
  • Jewelry
  • Mystery box
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Shibori
  • Upcycling
  • Giftboxes

Contact us for more information.