NYE Party Deco Part 1

Published December 15, 2017, by Stina Axelson

New years eve is coming up and more crafting is on the ”to do list”! Yeah I know. Christmas isn’t even past us but hey, there is no time to loose here! It´s time to get crafty and plan NYE 17!

My sister and her husband love to host fancy dinner parties and they even have a dinner club called ”Gourmaten” with a few friends. This year we are traveling down from Stockholm back to my hometown to celebrate New Years eve together with them. Imagine that, win!

My sister and her husband have all ready had a planning meeting with the rest of the guests to set the menu, which I expect will be fabulous. I’m hoping for at least 6 courses. What I will bring to the table? Fabulous decor of course! This is a three part blog post where I will dive into creation of the party deco, with this first blogpost of setting the direction of the concept and the colour scheme.

The brief from my sister was; ” I want to use the fine linen” so I translate that to ”chic and not to paper crafty” ok, got it!

 The brief

  • Classy (ish) i.e not kitch-crafty which I usually prefer
  • Organic and natural feel
  • Chic
  • Use the linen table cloth

I had a quick look at my go to inspo-place pinterest and did a quick search for New Years Eve deco. All I found was glitter, gold and balloons. Not at all what I have in mind, but I have a few ideas of where this might be going.

What we will craft

  • DIY Dyed Tablerunner
  • Flower arrangement
  • Menu card

 Colour scheme

Colour picker from Adobe Color
Colour picker from Adobe Color

They live just next to where the sun sets by the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. The scenery is often quite dramatic and right below the house is a protected area. If you are lucky you can see cows and sheep there. Why am I telling you this? Well, I want paint the picture of the surroundings, since that’s where I’m getting the inspiration for the deco from.

To set the colour scheme I started with my main inspiration, a dramatic skye. To be a bit nerdy I have used Adobe color to pick out the colour scheme. Have you ever tried it? It’s a great!


NYE Colour scheme
Colour picker from Adobe Color
Colour scheme

To continue with the colour scheme I picked out a triad of hues to match the indigo blue.

Now the concept is taking shape. Our main colour will be blue with accent of mossy green and a complimentary pop of “purpelyred”. Looking promising I think!

I have a few ideas what we will craft, however we only one attempt at getting it right and no time to experiment. Yiyks!  As always you never know how it will turn out. If it turns to shambles, hey, what can you say, we had a good time crafting and sister bonding. How hard can it be?

Love Stina


Stina Axelson

Stina Axelson

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