Mixed Media Paper step 2

04/09/2018 6:00 pm 12 people limit Open Lab 475 SEK

If you like to get messy with paper and paint, this is a workshop for you. Mixed media is a great way to explore your creativity. During this three-step course, we will explore different techniques and methods to create unique artwork on paper.

From intuitive abstract paint moving on to monoprinting and mark making. Once you have created a stash of beautiful papers, we will turn them into notebooks, origami boxes, cards and other paper crafts.

Mixed media part 2: monoprinting with gelli plate

Unlike most printmaking which allows for multiple originals, monoprinting with gelli plates will give you a unique original, and that’s the beauty of it! Paint, make marks and then press the paper to catch the unique print from the gelli plate. If you haven’t tried this fun and addictive technique it’s a definite must!

Next step Mixed media part 3: papercraft

“What am I supposed to do with all the papers I´ve made”, you might think? Show them off, obviously! Imagine taking notes at the office in a booklet you made yourself. Or why not gifting an origami box to a dear friend? During this session, we´ll stitch, sew and fold our beautiful painted and printed papers to make notebooks, envelopes, cards, origami boxes.


at Makespace at Open Lab, Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm. It’s by KTH and the closest subway station is Tekniska högskolan.  You will be sent detailed instructions a few days before the event.


Pay via Swish 1234542841. Drop in tickets to each workshop first come first serve. Price: 475 SEK. Drop in tickets will be announced a few days in advance.

The ticket price cover material and fika.

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Stina & Ann-Charlotte, Craft Space

Workshop Leaders

Ann-Charlotte Geissler

An openminded “yes-woman”  who enjoys learning new things. Her mission is not to die curious, and she want's to learn tech-crafts.

Stina Axelson

Always making and creating and fun to hang out with. She finds it hard to follow instructions and keeps a box of treasured papers.

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