The Craft Club Meetup April

11/04/2017 6:00 pm

Do you want to develop your creativity and learn from other crafters? Do you want to share your favourite techniques and inspire others? Then ‘The Craft Club’ is for you. We will meet 12 times from January to June to work on The Craft Lab Creative Challenges together.

How does it work?

We will have a new theme every month. First out, to kickstart the creative process, is a Skype meeting. During the meeting we all share ideas and inspiration around the theme. Two weeks later we will meet in “real” to try a new crafting technique (this doesn’t have to be the same technique you will use for the challenge) and work on our theme projects. Finally we will publish our projects on the community page on Facebook and Instagram, and, of cours, on your own social media!

The idea of ‘The Craft Club’ is that everyone gets involved and we hope that you will be active and contribute with knowledge, ideas, and inspiration, while also being curious to learn from others. Whether you want to hold a demo on your favourite technique or just talk about what inspires you – The Craft Club is all about exploring, evolving, and contributing to the community!

Join now!

There are only ten spots so make sure you get one! Register now.

Your registration for The Craft Club is binding and the money can not be returned. If you registered and can´t come, you can give your spot to another crafty person.