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19 great ideas on how to stay creative

Maintaining a creative lifestyle while keeping up with a busy life can sometimes be difficult and it might even lead to frustration. Spending to much time on distractions, we need to remind ourselves of what is important in life and what makes us happy.

We reached out to our community and asked them for their best advice. As a bonus, the best idea was rewarded with a full semester of craft workshops, from shibori to resin and mixed media. We are so overwhelmed with all the enthusiastic responses so we gathered them here for you to read.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find out who won.

How to stay creative in your everyday life

To keep the creativity flowing you need to keep working, make things. Every little step leaves new rings on the water that will spread new ideas. Don't sit and wait for inspiration, just take discipline and do the work, no matter how big or small it is!


I think to stay creative in life, you need to try new things. Crafts keep our minds fresh and help us detach from the stress of everyday life. Don't be afraid to try a new technique or work with different mediums.

/ Lindsey

To stay creative every day is to draw from your experiences from the past, be critical but kind about the present, and to speculate and dream about the future. My tip is to practice a bit of reflection every day and to document your feelings, whatever way suits you best: sketches, painting, sewing, music... CREATE or MAKE something every day, no matter how small you think it is.


I think a great way to stay creative in your everyday life is to do something creative every day, even if it's a little thing like making a 5-minute sketch or testing new colors for a few minutes.


Surround yourself with creative people! Keep an idea journal with you at all times. Whether you love a pen and a pad or you use a notepad app, when inspiration strikes, record it quickly right when the idea is fresh and then whenever you have free time, try it out!


For me, to stay creative in my everyday life means to get into my workshop and just get on with things. To be surrounded by materials and tools is the best way. Every project gives ideas to start a new one. And to work hard also gives new input...…Also try to make every dog walk into being an art project, pile some stones on the beach, put branches in patterns on the ground, make something nice out of growing bushes...


Recognize that failure is the path to learning.... The best ideas often start in a so-called mistake


Creativity kindled your passion. Creativity keeps our mind fresh.


Me, I believe that inspiration is everywhere, often where you least expect it. The fluctuation in someone's voice, a graffiti in a tunnel, a long-forgotten tune you hear on the radio, or a dream that you wake up remembering only scraps of.

My tip is therefore to have an open mind about where to look for inspiration. It's so easy to lock ourselves to one specific technique or strategy to renew your art, but if you notice the small details in your everyday life, then you have art in your everyday life. So to relax, let go of the pressure and enjoy your surroundings - this will lead to art. Perhaps the best piece you've ever made.


When sewing and knitting I always get scraps of fabric and small skeins of yarn from the original project. I stay creative in my everyday life when transforming this leftover material into things I use in my everyday life: bags, clothes, cushions, and bookmarks.

I try to see the possibilities in every little piece of fabric and string of yarn.


I always carry a notebook. With blank pages. Always. And ink pen with 4 colors. So I can draw whenever I feel like it. On the subway. Coffeeshop. The pub. A party. Anywhere. In the queue waiting to get into the club, it’s good to have something to pass ur time and a good opportunity to invite other people to draw something and make something together


There are so many things to do throughout the day that I don't like to put more pressure on me with trying to be creative doing extra things, so my tip is to add creativity in common things ... place the toilet paper in a fun way, put the food in the food box in the shape of a cat, make a tower with the cushions of the sofa when tidying up ... and if you can also create something new and original awesome, but if not... tomorrow will be a brand new day for you!


I always keep my eyes open for new techniques and materials. Try to see a new/another way of using known material.


Doing things together with other persons who also like art is a great way because then you stay motivated longer and think about what you want to do in the group even when you don't see each other...


To stay creative leave and let things lay around or create a place for it to stand/lay, so it doesn’t get a hustle to find all things you want and need (and then organize it). I’ve experienced that this can stand away for your spontaneous lust to create and then your ideas and creativity doesn’t come to expression. And also, BE/STAY OPEN and curious with all your senses to everything around you...nature, lights, shapes, buildings, sounds, conversations, people, and so on.


I stay observant of the beauty I meet in nature in my every day and whenever I travel. I dream I can create a shiny fusion of those moments/scene and have it as my own painting on my wall.


My best tip to stay creative: always bring your sketching kit, and sketch your life, often! The good, the bad, the food, the people...


For me, creativity comes from observing nature, from talking to people. What can be more creative than the view of your daughter playing with the water at the beach, on these beautiful summer days? Or your dog chasing small ants or her own tail?

The talent of a creative soul is to find which is “the best” idea from a multitude....sometimes your idea comes from the smile of someone else....


Challenge yourself, you are able to do so much more than you think. Everyday look around and see what could you do different, better, more beautiful or what could be added. Think about how you could do it yourself. Every project starts with a thought and a challenge.



The winner is...

...Nadia who encourages us to take a break and reflect which is important to be able to learn and move ahead. She also wants us to be kind to our present selves. The inner critic is strong sometimes and to be kind to yourself is key. Congratulations Nadia!

For more ideas on how to stay creative

Check out the post on creative market or this fantastic infographic with 40 more ideas.  We have also gathered a few creative exercises for you to try out like the Let's crop and Shadow sketch 

Creativity and inspiration can strike at any time, so make sure to keep a journal and pen to record what's around you. Invite a friend to sketch in your journal, or why not sketch ideas on how to improve the world the way you see it.

Remember, the best way to stay creative is to get out there and do it. It really is as simple as getting started and keep doing it! The rest will come as you go. For more inspiration and ideas don't miss out join our newsletter "Craft Club" .

Thanks all of you who have participated. Hope to see you soon!

Stina & Ann-Charlotte

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