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Meet the maker – Spiritualistas

Stina Almer or Spiritualistas as she calls herself on social media is a creative soul and “mindfluencer” who combines her passion for well-being with holistic hacks. With a background in the arts and in the fashion industry, she creates skincare products and inspires her readers on how to use crystals, essential oils and how to make yummy treats. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself, who are you and what do you do

I would call myself a multi-passionate creative. Art and creativity is the air I’m breathing and the whole essence of my being. I come alive through the creative process and I am fully dedicated to the present moment and what I believe brings out my true identity.

I come alive through the creative process and I am fully dedicated to the present moment and what I believe brings out my true identity.

In the creative process, I rest my mind and feel fearlessly fierce and bold. Even if I love to create with a lot of different techniques, like painting with acrylics, crafting dreamcatchers, ritualising with my crystals or making my own chakra balms for my little Etsy shop My conscious beauty, they have one thing in common;  they always reflect my inner power, my intuition and my connection to my heart. I’m completely free and at ease.

How did you come to the creative place you are at today? What´s your creative history?

Ever since I was little, I dedicated a lot of time to crafting. To draw was one of my favorite things as well as working with clay. In my teens, I painted a lot of horses and in my twenties, I decorated cakes at a cafe. While working at the cafe I began painting with oil in my free time, but once I discovered acrylics I preferred them since I want my paintings to dry fast ha-ha. At that time, I sold a bunch of paintings and had a lot of fun with it.

When I moved to Stockholm I started modeling which got me in contact with fashion.  When I was able to participate in the planning of the shoot, it felt like we created art. Unfortunately, the fashion industry treated me badly, so I left.

Tell us about Spiritualistas, what’s the story behind that name?

Spiritualistas is my place in cyberspace where I share my passion for a holistic approach to life. It’s also a place where I connect with my tribe and a place where I feel completely free to talk about my spiritual beliefs (thanks to my amazing followers). The transformation began when I started to meditate. For about three weeks I meditated an hour a day as a complement to the therapy I went through at that time for my mental health issues.

I discovered peace and for the first time in my life, I was free.

After about three weeks something incredible happened. I entered a state of complete detachment from my thoughts and feelings. I discovered peace and for the first time in my life, I was free. That experience changed everything. I started to read books about meditation, personal development, energy work, crystals, and a whole new world opened for me. I had a feeling so strong that I wanted to share the experience with others, tell them about what I learned and give access to this state of being. So, I changed my Instagram name to Spiritualistas.

What do you try to achieve with the work you create?

I want to achieve peace of mind, freedom from my constant brain activity, and joy. For me, the process is more important than the result, but I have noticed that people are interested in buying the things I create. So, that’s a wave I surf on right now. Of course, I love it that people like what I do!

I tap into the creative mode almost every day when I wake up. Even if I don’t feel well I have some sort of idea. I guess that’s the good part of ADHD. My happy place, besides the place I enter while I meditate, is on the floor, spreading all sorts of materials out and just go with the flow and see where it takes me.

What does your craft space look like?

For 1-2 minutes completely organized, the rest of the time creative chaos. I have all sorts of materials like feathers, essential oils for homemade skincare, stickers, pro markers, crafting magazines, crystals and of course some badass quotes on the wall.

If I would like to get going with my creativity, what’s your advice?

Start with a short meditation. Then write down everything that comes up in your mind when you think of the word creativity. Don’t judge just put it on paper. When you have put it down on the paper you can start to look for a connection between the words.

Please share your top sources of inspiration

Pinterest- here is everything you looking for

In the moment magazine: A online and printed magazine dedicated to a more conscious life


What do you have planned for the future?

I prefer to strive as much as possible to live in the here and now but I will continue to create great inspiring content for Spiritualistas and more mindful products for my conscious beauty. And last but not least, someday I will publish a book, and guess what, I have already started to write it.

Where can I follow you and find your work

You find me at my Instagram spiritualista

My Etsy shop My Conscious Beauty

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