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Super easy fabric pumpkins

When it’s pumpkin season we do try to carve and decorate pumpkins for Halloween. Since Halloween is a new tradition here in Sweden you only go trick or treating at the houses that our decorated. The non-decorated ones are not likely to hand out candy.

Did you miss carving a pumpkin? Don´t despair, we have an easy solution for you, a fabric pumpkin that only takes a few minutes to make. Here it goes:

  • -Fold the fabric in half, with the RIGHT sides together.⠀

  • Run stitch along the short edges, backstitch at the start and end of sewing to secure the seam.⠀

  • Sew all the way around the circle and back to the start leave long tails of thread. Pull the threads to gather the fabric.

  • Turn the fabric around to the RIGHT side and stuff the fabric. Complete a gathering stitch around the top edge.⠀

  • Pull on the threads and manipulate the fabric around the top. Stitch through to fasten the hole at the top of the pumpkin⠀

  • Start creating the pumpkin segments. Leave enough thread to work all of the ways around the pumpkin⠀

  • Wrap the thread around the outside of the pumpkin, then work the needle from the bottom to the top of the pumpkin again. ⠀

  • Complete this until you have created as many pumpkin segments as you require.⠀

  • Create the pumpkin stem.

Check out the short film to see how we did. Good luck! And have fun at Halloween.

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