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Craft Space

a meeting place for those who wish to lead a more creative lifestyle


(Craft+Afterwork=Crafterwork) How many times have you been to an after-work that ends with you talking to “the same old” colleagues and friends? Crafterwork is an opportunity to create and be creative together while you mingle. Creating together is an exciting icebreaker where new conversations are guaranteed to emerge. To meet and craft outside one’s usual […]

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Custom events

If you are reading this you are probably as tired of bowling and “femkamp” as we are. How many times have you not been bowling with colleagues or playing boule with suppliers or customers? At Craft Space, you are guaranteed to get an outlet for your creativity and get your hands on different materials and […]

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Artist for a day

Meetings and conferences focus on how you will improve your company. But our brain isn’t made for just thinking of one thing all day. You need a break. But not just any break. You need a break that will rest your brain and let it come back even more creative. That’s why we recommend that […]

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