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DIY Book clutch

I was scrolling Pinterest and found this tutorial about how to make a clutch out of a book. I really liked the idea so I went to a second-hand shop to find a book. I chose two with empowering titles "A good mother" and "The successful". I decided to do the successful one first.

What you need

  • a book

  • scalpel

  • cutting mat

  • glue (I used Karlsson klister)

  • fabric, about 30 centimeters

  • scissors

  • zipper, a bit longer than the three sides of the book

  • acrylic paint, the color of the cover

  • ruler

  • sewing machine

  • patience for letting everything dry in between the steps

Here is how I did it

I didn't follow the tutorial all the way. They chose to cover the book covers with fabric, I just made the lining.

Step 1: cut out all the pages of the book so the covers are left.

Step 2: make the zipper part. You need this part to be 1,5 cm wider on each side than the book when it´s finished. Cut 4 times 5 x 5 cm big squares of fabric. Sew them to the end of the zipper. Iron them flat.

Step 3: Cut two strips of fabric as long as the zipper and fabric are. Sew them on. Iron them flat. Now the zipper has a frame of fabric.

Step 4: Since I didn't use fabric on the whole covers I wanted to paint the inside of the cover the same burgundy ad the outside. I mixed up some acrylic paint in the right nuance. Let it dry.

Step 5: It's time to glue the fabric to the book. Start with the end of the zipper and follow the book around a centimeter from the edge. Let it dry.

Step 6: Open the zipper and glue it to the other side a centimeter from the edge.

Step 7: Make a lining inside. Cover the inside spine with fabric.

Step 8: For the inside covers I cut a vlieseline square for each side and ironed my fabric onto it, folding the fabric around to make a nicer finish.

Step 9: Let it all dry and then take your clutch out on the town.

This project was mid-level, I would say. Mid-project I got a bit too attached to the idea of a nice clutch that I almost didn't finish it. I was afraid to screw it up. But once I got going again it was fine. I did have my good mother book as a back up too.

A good thing that came out of this project is that I now have a lot of book pages to use for other projects. I've been Gelli printing and making notebook covers, for example.

Keep up the good work, and see you out there!


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