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DIY screenprint Christmas ornament

Uppdaterat: 17 aug. 2020

Do you, like me, have too little things to put in your Christmas tree? No?! Well, I’m not very good at decorating at Christmas so I don't have too many ornaments and bling to put in the tree. I decided to try and make some new this year. I bought a lot of freezer paper and it’s fun to work with. Freezer paper it is!

I made a cracker, which I think is a traditional shape for Christmas. I think they are fun to make.

This is what I did:

1. I made a drawing of the cracker on my computer and printed it on paper.

2. Traced the ornament onto freezer paper and cut it out. Since you get two stencils, one that of the paper you cut out and one of the cutouts, Created by Malin and me made one each.

3. Choose some fabric and iron the stencils on to it. Make sure the edges really stick to the fabric.

4. Paint with fabric color and remove the stencils directly. Let dry.

5. Cut out (if you want) and sew together. We did it by hand.

6.When it is a few centimeters left, stuff it and close the ornament all the way around.

7. The green one got some string bows at the end.

8. Finished!

This is an easy project, I would say, even though you both print and sew. It took me about 45 minutes to finish.

Enjoy! Love Ann-Charlotte

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