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Free Bunny Boxes

Uppdaterat: 27 mars 2021

We love to create Easter decorations and this year we wanted to try something new instead of easter eggs. Cute little bunny boxes perfect to fill with sweets or something cute and precious. Surprise a friend or use them as table decorations at your Easter party. The only thing you need is our template to get started. We really think the bunnies will be popular with the kiddos. Enjoy!

How to do your own bunny boxes

1. Download the template and print it out on A4 (cardstock optional). Cut out the bunnybox.

2. We used a lining to make the box a bit sturdy. Choose a paper you’ve painted yourself or something from your stash to make the bunny box even cuter.

3. Fold all the dotted lines.

4. Attach the box together at the sides, using either adhesive or double-sided sticky tape.

Finished! Hope you liked them. Tag us on social media, #craftspacesthlm, if you make your own. We would love to see how they turn out.

Happy Easter-crafting!

Love Ann-Charlotte & Stina

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