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Free paper feathers for Easter

Uppdaterat: 17 aug. 2020

Do you have Easter traditions? Or do you change every year? One thing that I think is really cute, but don’t do anymore since my partner is allergic, is bringing in twigs of birch to decorate. But this year I have a bouquet of birch twigs at the studio. I wanted to make some new decorations and decided to do paper feathers. I used abstract art that we painted a few weeks ago and digitalized the paintings. We had spring in mind while painting so they are perfect for this Easter project.

I really liked how they turned out so I made a template for you to download. It contains 8 different designs for you to use.

[convertkit form=887779]

Make your own abstract art feathers

1. Print out the feather template. I printed on photo paper to get that extra color pop.

2. Since you can see the back of the feathers I glued another paper to the back. I used this cute crafting paper from Littlephant that I got in my goodie bag from Craftcation and some that I painted before.

3. Cut out the feathers.

4. If you want to put the feathers on top of the twigs, glue on a wire with a glue gun. When the glue is all dried, turn the wire around the twig to fasten the feather.

5. Do you want to hang the feathers instead? Make a small hole in the stem and use a string to hang the feathers

Happy Crafting! And Happy Easter

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