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Inspiration May

We’ve been collecting some of our latest inspiration for you. It’s high and low, crafting techniques, tech stuff, and more analog smelly stuff. Check it out!

Share your inspiration with us. We’re interested to see what inspired you lately.  Tag it with #craftspacesthlm!

Here are the show notes if there is something you want to check out further

The episode with Evelyn Glennie, solo percussionist:

The episode with Jake and Dinos Chapman, artists:

David Vancook, the artist who paints in star war figures in thrifted paintings:

Read more about bokashi and what it’s all about:

The printer we tried is Canon Selphy CP 1300. Read more about it here:


Sound effects obtained from

Music: Can’t shake you, by Mise.

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väldigt cool blogg. tack så mycket för informationen!

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