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Such a lovely Craftcation

Imagine a huge studio with lots of space for creating and a manor house in lovely surroundings. Now imagine 14 great people going away for the weekend with veeeery heavy bags full of craft material. This was a dream come true for us, Pysselbolaget, Created by Malin  and Pysselliv

We knew it would be lovely to go on a getaway with like-minded people. But I think this weekend ended up even better than we could’ve imagined. The manor house at Wij trädgårdar was lovely, the studio perfect and the company fantastic.

The buzz of creative energy that you get when fourteen people get together is almost overwhelming. We stayed in the studio from morning to late at night. This is Lina with her workspace on the floor. Stina and I worked on a collage project together which was great fun. You’ll see more of that on Instagram further on.

We had two workshops on Saturday, Malin showed us the basic knots of macramé and Karin showed an easy origami technique that you can make beautiful wall art of.

There was a lot of other things going on, too. Photos, art journal, leatherwork, embroidery, origami, painting, printing, wool, cardmaking and probably things I didn't catch since I was busy working on my own projects. The level of creativity was high all through the weekend.

This is Karin, a new friend of ours, working hard on her embroidery.

In the studio we had a table with gifted craft materials to try. Thanks Creative CompanyLittlephant and Pilot.

We had fun goodie bags to give away. It had a lot of great stuff, like books and magazines, pens, discounts, paper, tape and more. Thanks for the great material and inspiration,, Slöjddetaljer, Semic, Pilot NordicLittlephant, Hemslöjden, Beckers färg, Happy homes, Bra sagt Mrs K, Natur och kultur och Illustrerad fakta.

Thanks to all who joined. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to our co-hosts Karin, Pysselbolaget, Malin, Created by Malin och Anna, Pysselliv.

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